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Getting started

QR Codes

  • What are QR codes?
    A QR (“Quick Response”) code is a square barcode, which has become a popular method for loading content to mobile phones. The user starts a special application called a QR code scanner, points the camera towards the QR code, and subsequently gets the information contained in the code. This allows to link static, physical objects to dynamic, digital information on the user’s handset.
  • How can I use QR codes?
    All Tapto activities automatically generate QR codes that link to the activity. Place the QR code on your marketing material, in your shop, on your business cards etc., to encourage potential customers to interact with your business through their mobile.
  • Who is using QR codes?
    Who isn’t? Businesses of all sizes are regularly using QR codes including shops, dental hygienists, restaurants, florists and many more.

Managing my campaigns and my account

  • How can I edit or modify my mobile activities?
    Log in using your user name and password. Them click on “My Activities” to view all of your activities. Locate the desired activity and click on it to edit it or to see its results.
  • Can I use different styles in the same activity?
    Sorry, but at this time you may only use one style for any given activity.
  • I forgot my password
    In the Log In screen, click on “Forgot Password?”. On the following screen, type your e-mail address and click “Submit”. This will send you an e-mail message with a link to reset your password.