Use QR Codes in Fashion

June 20, 2013   15:30 Category: MOBILE MARKETING | QR CODES | RETAIL STORES

Fashion and technology – a winning combination of progress with creativity

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As an industry that prides itself of constant innovation, the coupling of Fashion with Mobile is a match made in heaven.

Here are some examples and ideas on how designers and shop owners can maximize business results using Mobile.

Guide them to your shop

If you’re using Facebook, Pinterest, etc. to share updates of your collection and promote special offers – why not create a mobile coupon and post its QR Code? Your customer can scan it from the PC screen, keep it on their mobile, and even get directions to your shop for redeeming it.

Design for your audience

Your fashion line envisions people with specific tastes and needs. So you want to cater to their preferences, and better target customers with similar taste.

You can conduct a survey among your clients – a QR Code in your shop or on your social profiles will allow them to tell you what they would like to see from you next: Larger sizes? More accessories? Parent-friendly or perhaps active student lifestyle?

Make an impression

Just as every item of yours has a saying, so do your marketing materials, from flyers to billboards. Get a mobile site to tell your story and show your mobile gallery. Potential customers can check your style and variety, and increase the odds that visiting you will fulfill their expectations.


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